Create single product template with BriefcaseWP and Elementor Woocommerce Builder

Thanks to Elementor WooCommerce Builder. you can create a Single Product Template for Woocommerce, also the design customization is done right from the Elementor editor. the template will be apply on all your products, as well as for specific categories or other conditions. Learn more here!.

Briefcase Elementor Widget is totally compatible, you can use any Widget or Woocommerce Dynamic Field Widget inside the Single Product Template.

The Woocommerce Dynamic Field Widget from Briefcase Elementor Widgets has many additional features  to improve and extend your customization, also you will able stop using some plugin. Lets go and see how it works.

  • First you need to download and install Briefcase Elementor Widgets plugin. Download Here!
  • Download and install BriefcaseWp Extras plugin (Optional). Download Here!
  • Go to Elementor->My Templates.
  • Create a Single Product Template.
  • Choose a BEW Templates on the Elementor popup templates library. (You need to have installed Briefcasewp Extras)
  • Change  and customize with your own style (color, fonts, etc), or just use it.
  • Save and see how it looks.

Watch the Video Tutorial.

Additional Information.

-You can use the Woocommerce Elementor widgets and the Dynamic Field from Briefcase Elementor Widgets together, find your style.

-We recommend use the Woo Grid Widget to create a related product section if you want custom style on it.

Do you want to see a demo single product template?

Create Beautiful Woocommerce Custom Single Product Page Template.

What are you waiting?. Download this plugin now!

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